Persenk Ultra 2022

19/08/2022 18:00

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Моля да отбележите, че опциите за
– прехвърляне за следваща година;
– прехвърляне на регистрацията на друг състезател;
– отказ и връщане на сумата;
– смяна на дистанция;
както и тениска за състезанието се избират и заплащат в момента на регистрацията.
При желание от Ваша страна, можете да упражните правото си на отлагане/прехвърляне/отказ не по-късно 17 юли 2022 ако такава опция е била избрана и заплатена при регистрацията.

Persenk Ultra is a mountain foot race with a high degree of difficulty, with a great elevation gain (roughly 7490 m), variety of weather conditions (night and day) and long distance (164 km), which challenges participants’ endurance and requires excellent physical and mental preparation, proper equipment and strong-willed spirit.

In order to participate each runner must have acquired at least 2 points according to ITRA in maximum of 2 races held after 01/01/2019. The results must be verifiable in ITRA!


Black Friday registrations are possible on 26/11/2021

Early Bird registrations are possible until 31/03/2022

Regular registrations are possible until 30/06/2022

Late Call registrations are possible until 31/07/2022

Extras (T-Shirts and transfer/cancellation options) are sold until 17/07/2022

All requests for cancellation/refund and transfers must be made until 17/07/2022

Change distance option allows you to “downgrade” the distance free of charge. “Upgrading” the distance is allowed but subject to payment of the difference to the current price of the new distance at the moment of the request

Once exercised, the options for “Change distance”,  “Transfer to 2023” and “Transfer registration to another runner” are no longer available

For any additional questions please feel free to contact us

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  • 19/08/2022 - 21/08/2022
    18:00 - 14:00